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MASKair® is an APP that can help control your allergy and asthma.

MASK-air is available in Ukrainian and we transfer your data into the language of your host country.

Best Practice of

CRUSE Control Urticaria

CRUSE® is an APP that can help patients with Chronic Urticaria manage their condition. CRUSE® is available in Ukrainian and will translate your data into the language of your host country.

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UCRAID — Ukrainian Citizen and Refugee Help in Respiratory, Allergy, Immunology and Dermatology

Digitally-enabled, person-centred care to support Ukrainian citizens and refugees for asthma, rhinitis, urticaria (and COPD).

Eight million Ukrainians have fled the war and crossed into the European Union (EU). At least 15% of them have asthma and/or allergic rhinitis, and around 100,000 a severe disease.  Many of them lack effective medical treatment. Allergic diseases, including asthma and allergic rhinitis, represent the most common chronic disorder in children and adolescents. There is a significant number of children and adolescents among the refugees. Cultural and language barriers represent a major obstacle.

MASK-air® (Mobile Airways Sentinel networK), a validated mHealth app (Medical Device Class 2a) for the management of rhinitis and asthma, is operational in 27 countries and 19 languages (60,000 users). It has been efficient in the screening and management of patients in all countries. The app is a Best Practice of OECD, enhancing equity and person-centred care. MASK-air® includes a daily monitoring questionnaire with six Patient-Reported Outcome Measures and a scroll list of rhinitis and asthma medications for each country. Additional questionnaires (EQ-ED-5L: EuroQOL allowing the assessment of utilities and CARAT: Control of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma Test) are included. The app can be used up to the age of 75 years. The Ukrainian MASK-air® module (asthma and allergic rhinitis) is now available.

CRUSE (Chronic Urticaria Self Evaluation) has been developed for urticaria following the MASK-air approach. The Ukrainian CRUSE® module (urticaria) is also available.

The Ukrainian patient fills in the questionnaires and daily symptom-medication scores for asthma, rhinitis or urticaria in Ukrainian. Following the GDPR, the patient then grants his/her physician access to the app by scanning a QR code displayed on the physician’s (or healthcare provider’s) computer. This will enable the physician to read the app contents in his/her own language. It takes less than a minute to show patient data to the physician in the physician’s web browser.

UCRAID was developed by ARIA (Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma) and UCARE. It is under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as well as European (EAACI, ERS, ESDR) and national societies.

Expected benefits

  • Size of the target population: It is estimated that over 1 million Ukrainian refugees suffer from symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and/or urticaria, and that over 100,000 have a severe disease.
  • MASK-air and CRUSE will potentiate the engagement of healthcare professionals with refugees.
  • It is vital to engage with refugees themselves in order to understand the barriers they face. MASK-air and CRUSE are prototypes of person-centred care for chronic diseases.
  • Shared decision making between patients and healthcare providers for guided self-management to improve patient participation and care.
  • To reduce the number and severity of exacerbations and emergency visits or hospitalisations.
  • UCRAID will also be deployed in Ukraine rapidly.
  • To propose an inexpensive innovative mHealth model for symptomatic non-communicable diseases.
  • To deploy UCRAID for other diseases (e.g., COPD or cardiovascular diseases)
  • To deploy UCRAID for other refugees. The MASK-air® module exists in 20 languages including Arabic.


Prof. Josep M. Anto
Ms Anna Bedbrook
Prof. Jean Bousquet
Dr. Wienczyslawa Czarlewski
Mr. Michiel van Eerd
Prof. Joao A. Fonseca
Prof. Judith Garcia-Aymerich
Prof. Bilun Gemicioglu
Dr. Antonio F. M. Giuliano
Prof. Tari Haahtela
Prof. Ludger Klimek
Prof. Marek Kulus
Prof. Maciej Kupczyk
Associate Prof. Yuliia Lysanets
Prof. Marcus Maurer
Prof. Markus Ollert
Prof. Filip Raciborski
Prof. Carlos Robalo Cordeiro
Prof. Nicolas Roche
Prof. Boleslaw Samolinski
Prof. Holger Schünemann
Prof. Bernardo Sousa-Pinto
Prof. Maria Teresa Ventura
Dr. Govert de Vries
Prof. Arzu Yorgancioglu
Prof. Torsten Zuberbier

Key members Ukrainian Team

Prof. Igor Kaidashev, Dr. of Med. Sci.
Associate Prof. Vladyslav Tsaryk, PhD
Prof. Andrii Kurchenko, Dr. of Med. Sci.
Prof. Roman Stepanenko, Dr. of Med. Sci.


UCRAID is a joint ARIA and UCARE project

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